Kustom Defender 5H MOD All Tube Valve Guitar Head - 5W - RRP £199


Kustom Engineers took the great sounding Defender 5H and lifted the virtual hood to tweak its 5 Watt motor. The results were astonishing. The Defender 5 Hot Mod (Defender5HMOD) is made for vintage tube amp tone. Ceramic capacitors were upgraded with polyester film and electrolytic styles. Larger cap values allow more bottom end and more gain. The Defender5HMOD has a livelier tone that is harmonically rich. With a better sounding distortion that delivers like older tweed and British style amps with much more note bloom that you expect only in boutique or vintage amps.To dial in the Hot Mod sound we put “chicken head” vintage style knobs on the Bass Response and Volume controls.


Output Power: 5 Watts

Input: One – 1/4”

Tone Controls: 4 Position Bass Response

Power Tubes: I-EL84

Tube Preamp: 12AX7

Dimensions: 12.75H x 31.5W inch  /  324H x 800W mm

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