Joyo DC-30 Modelling Multi FX Guitar Amp Combo with Drum Machine


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The JOYO DC-30 is a Digital Guitar Amplifier, that provides massive ‘bang for the buck’ value. Checkout the reviews on YouTube and you’ll be blown away – as we were. Great for home practice, small gigs and superb for recording sessions. The editable drum machine puts it above most of it competitors. Change the beat, tempo and volume of the drum kits at the touch of a button. Great for people writing or looking to improve their time keeping!

  • Description

    JOYO DC-30 30W Digital Guitar Amplifier with In-built Drum Machine and Effects

    The Ideal Practice Amp

    The JOYO DC-30 is a Digital Guitar Amplifier, suitable for beginners to professionals. The amp features gain and volume controls, plus a 3 band EQ and Presence control, to get that ideal guitar sound. The DC-30 also includes a drum machine with over 30 presets, and 8 different selectable amp tones to choose from.

    The JOYO DC-30 is the perfect amp for any beginner looking to learn, or for any professional looking for a portable, fun guitar amp.

    Eight Selectable Amp Tones, Six Effects to choose from

    The DC-30 comes with an in-built digital effects unit, plus 8 digitally modeled amp sounds to switch through, all based off classic guitar amplifier tones. The 6 effects are grouped into two controls for ease of use, one containing Delay and Reverb, the other with modulation.

    The JOYO DC-30’s selectable amp section includes:

    • JC Clean
    • Clean
    • Tube Screamer
    • Blues
    • Crunch
    • Lead
    • Rhythm
    • Metal

    Full 3-Band EQ

    Unlike the smaller DC-15, the DC-30 includes a full 3 band EQ, commonly found on most medium sized guitar amps. The controls include bass, mid, and treble, as well as a presence control, to give that high-end an extra boost.

    Inbuilt Drum Machine with over 30 Presets

    The JOYO DC-30 features a drum machine containing 36 preset rhythms and beats. The rhythm section also includes an easy to access volume control for your drum parts, making the DC-30 a fun, easy to use amp with great additional features.

    The three-function controls on the DC-30 allow for quick tempo and rhythm changes. The “TURN” button switches between the three functions; rhythm, tempo and volume. Once selecting the function with TURN, control your level/speed or choose your drum pattern using the “+” and “-” buttons. “ACTIVE” switches the drum machine on and off, but will start off from your last used drum pattern once turned back on. Switching off the whole amp does not save which drum pattern you were up to.

    Play Along with your Own Music

    Included with the DC-30 is an auxiliary input, located on the back of the amp. Through this you can connect your MP3 player, iPod, laptop or phone and play along your favourite artists’ tunes. The headphone input cancels out the speaker, and is perfect for when practicing quiet is required.


    • Height: 23.5cm
    • Width: 40.5cm
    • Depth: 20.5cm
    • 3 band EQ: Bass, Mid, Treble + Presence
    • 36 Preset drum rhythms and beats
    • Amp tones: 8 modeled digital amp tones
    • Effects: 2 controls with 6 total effects

      Spacial: Reverb, Delay

      Modulation: Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, Phaser

    • Inputs: Guitar, auxiliary and headphones
    • Power: Mains power only, not battery operated


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